Las Vegas Review Journal-Elvis Gets His Star
Sep. 27, 2008
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NORM: LV all shook up about Elvis star

Elvis Presley is once again a star on Las Vegas Boulevard.

In a ceremony Friday that featured three of his old pals, the Las
Vegas Walk of Stars honored The King with a celebrity star that will
go in front of the Riviera near those of fellow icons Liberace and
Sammy Davis Jr.

"Elvis has come home to stay," Elvis fan club president Sue Laurenz
told a cheering crowd. Her group, the Viva Las Vegas Club, raised most
of the $15,000 needed for the star, the 27th to go on The Strip.

(ps from sue - we raised it all and then some!)

With that mission accomplished, the next step should be getting a
street named after Elvis, said Joe Esposito, one of the three members
of Elvis' Memphis Mafia who attended the ceremony in the Riviera's Le
Bistro Lounge.

"I don't understand why there isn't a street named after Elvis," said
Esposito, Elvis' road manager and best man at Presley's wedding to
Priscilla. That brought down the house, too.

(sue says- i explained why we don't have a street to our dinner crowd,
and, you can read why at our website)

It's become a sore point to Elvis fans, after seeing a half dozen
other entertainers get streets named in their honor.

Elvis, said Riviera president Bob Vannucci, didn't just fill the
showroom, "he filled the city."

Also attending was Sammy Shore, Elvis' opening act for years during
his long run at The International (now the Las Vegas Hilton), and
Sonny West, Presley's bodyguard and close friend, and Pete "Big Elvis"
Valle, who played a big part in getting Elvis his Star.